Thứ Tư, 7 tháng 4, 2010

Let's write a sweet letter to Lady Gaga!

I love Lady Gaga,so i though a new idea. Why don't we send for her a sweet letter from 100 words to when you can't write anymore?I'll be pioneer to start.
Dear my Big Monster,
I think this is the first time in my life that i feel myself like actually someone who i never meet. I only know her through her voice,pictures and news.
I really feel happy, sad and angry at articles about you.I am happy when you awarded many awards as Grammy and Brit Award...I am sad when i find you tired, no home, no love... and i extra angry because articles tell you are freak, i have too say that they're so stupid and blind about fashion.
My life really disorders because of you.I feel my par inside of you but i can't develop my aptitude.Your name and real name is written everywhere, which i can write on like: my ruler, pens, the correction pen, my desk,....
You shouldn't be worried, in spite of happening anything, we (best is me! >.<), your supper-fans from everywhere on the world will always advocate you so that you can contribute will all one's whole heart for art.
Your Little Monster called Candy
P/s: You should be constantly concerned with your health and confide to us when you sad, we will always wait for your message. I love U.
I'm VietNamese. I know a little English, I am sorry in case i wrote incorrect. >.~

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  1. You commented on my blog about designing with me (I love the idea) but I only have hotmail. Does that work? Also, I saw you on forums! Is this how you found me? I love the letter idea, I hope people join it (sorry I'm not writing a letter now)

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