Thứ Bảy, 17 tháng 4, 2010

Robots and ....something i don't know

How're my designs?
I've looked into my home telephone and think out there, surprise? you can see the antenna on top of the robots? I painted it just as the phone's antenna. is it ridiculous?
Look at my design seems bizarre, but I think it's absolutely necessary thuc.Toi love Lady Gaga, I do everything for her.
The eyes of the robot are two totally different eyes, I think so, eyes filled with emotion and eyes full of hatred, ihihih.
Jewelry accessories including watches and wearing a knife along the arm.
When finished painting, I look back at the robots and sorry for it, looks real decline.

This is her costume design is very simple, it looked like the uniform of a spy but as the sweater dress. I thought a lot about this outfit because it's really quite strange. (it would be appropriate to wear in hot weather)
When I draw this dress, in my head completely empty
If you notice his pair of earrings is designed identical lines, drawing not know what more I decided to get themes for the love of jewelry is a broken

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  1. I love them both, but especially the robot one (as I've said :D )
    I really like the detail you put into them both, the lacing on the 2nd one is very cool! And the earrings look really sweet

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